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Invest in BreastDefense for Social Impact

Induran founded SignPost  Cancer Dx. Inc to create BreastDefense, a molecular test that aims for 99% accuracy in the detection of all major invasive breast cancers. 

Women need and deserve an accurate breast cancer test. Survivors deserve an accurate test to monitor remission. 

To make BreastDefense available everywhere SignPost requires investment. Interested in investing in BreastDefense? Contact Peter:


Venture Philanthropy is Social Impact Investing

After productive careers in pharmaceuticals and venture capital the Induran Partners are focused on social impact investing, through venture philanthropy. 

We have run philanthropic campaigns. And we have decades of experience investing in early stage companies developing life saving products.

We have worked with Family Offices, Qualified Investors, Angel Networks, and Multinational Corporations.


Induran Venture Accomplishments

Induran accelerates ground breaking technologies that solve problems confronting humans. Induran has experience starting, growing, and running companies across the spectrum of biotechnology, including the world`s first continuous process bio fuel refinery, eco-friendly agriculture, anti viral therapeutics, drug delivery technology, novel therapeutics, and molecular diagnostics. 

Current Projects


SignPost Cancer Dx Inc.

Induran Ventures founded SignPost Cancer Dx Inc. to create BreastDefense and help advance the worlds shift to precision medicine. 

SignPost is at the very forefront- globally- in the development of molecular diagnostics. If you would like to know more about SignPost visit:  


NeuroQore Inc.

First Dawn is a breakthrough treatment for children and adolescent suicide.  NeuroQore is about to conduct a pivotal study to validate the First Dawn  technology. Further studies are anticipated for those at occupational risk such as first responders. For more information visit 

Past Projects


Performance Plants


A global leader in agricultural and biofuel biotechnology. A plant-trait company with field-tested proven technologies to help farmers, industry and biofuel users meet the challenges of feeding and fueling the world of


Defryus Inc.

Defyrus, along with partner MappBio of San Diego, has developed an anti viral therapy ZMapp to treat Ebola. Proven in double blind clinical trials conducted by the NIH, it is the only effective post exposure treatment for this highly infectious disease. 



 The world's first continuous process bio diesel refinery. Biox began as a test plant and now has two manufacturing locations in Canada and a joint venture with the US company World Energy of Houston.

Bio Diesel is a clean high performing alternative to petroleum diesel and is a low cost solution to help combat climate change.

Our Team

Peter Blaney


For 30 years Peter has been active in biotechnology start ups that have led to products in bio fuels, agricultural biotech, anti viral therapeutics, drug delivery and molecular diagnostics.

Paul Lucas


Paul is Past President and CEO of GlaxoSmithKline Canada. Paul has enormous experience in bringing new technology to the marketplace.

Barry Markowsky


Barry is Past Vice President Development and Director at GlaxoSmithKline Canada. Barry has the unique combination of a science background and experience in negotiating and closing development deals.


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